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Mary-Sues of the Shaman King Fandom

Where a Blushing Anna, a Rapist Yoh and a Nervous Ren Come Together as One...

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A community dedicated to the exclusive hunt and mocking of Shaman King Sues, a fairly common breed that pops up every other day or so. Please report all obnoxious OCs, regardless of age, gender and/or species to this LJ - we'd love to have them here for, er, entertainment.

Format for Submissions:

Fanfiction Name:
Fanfiction Author:
Character's Name:
Relations to the Original Characters:
Physical Characteristics of the OC:
(Ex: Sparkly blue eyes, charming smile, dimples... and, Great Spirits forbid, long, flowing hair that changes colors.)
Special Abilities That Do Nothing For The Reader Other Than Get On Their Nerves
Critiques/Rants/Samples of the Story:

Other sections may also be inserted to the discretion of the submitter.